160 volunteers serving the public on royal wedding day

The Swedish Civil Protection Association to provide help on Swedish crown princess’s wedding day

A major information effort combined with providing help for children who become separated from their parents as well as a mobile heart resuscitation team. These are the contributions being provided by the Swedish Civil Protection Association to honour Crown Princess Victoria on the day she marries the future Prince Daniel.


Crown Princess Victoria has been the official patron since 2007 of the Swedish Civil Protection Association, a non-profit, voluntary organisation that works to protect and aid adults and children both on a daily basis and during emergencies.

“When we were asked by the royal court if we could provide assistance we naturally said yes. It is a vital task for us to contribute to something concrete that can benefit both children and adults. It is also a very great honour,” says Anders M. Johansson, General Secretary.

Here is what theSwedish Civil Protection Association will deliver.


  • Eight information tents sited at strategic locations along the cortege route in line with consultations with the royal court. The general public will be provided information about the cortege route, practical details on such things as the location of the nearest metro station, toilet facilities, food and water.
  • Eight ‘Lost Child’ (Hitta Vilse) tents located close to the information tents. Personnel inside the ‘Lost Child’ tents will take care of and entertain any child who has been separated from his or her parents. We will offer fairytale books, toys and cuddly toy animals. We work closely with the police group that works with lost children.
  • Five mobile heart resuscitation teams. Every year 10,000 people are hit by an unexpected heart attack. Some 93 percent die. With the help of an automated external defibrillator (AED), a large majority of the lives of those suffering an attack can be saved. Our mobile heart resuscitation teams with AED, will move around Stockholm so they can be on hand if and when the need arises.



All the tents and even the mobile heart resuscitation teams are equipped with first aid equipment. They will also have glucose available if someone suffers insulin problems.  The tents will additionally be equipped with water, among other things.

In addition to all the above, the Swedish Civil Protection Association will hand out 10,000 ‘Lost Child’ badges that parents can pin to their children’s clothing. There is space on the badges to write the telephone number of one of the parents. This will make it easier to more speedily contact a parent if a child becomes separated from him or her.

The graphic signage showing the location of the tents along the cortege route you will find at https://civil.se/#/det-gor-vi/vilse-pa-brollop. Maps are in both pdf and eps formats, with two column and three column versions.

2 column cortege route 3 column cortege route


Contact information:

How the work is organised in practice for all the volunteers:
Anders Lundin,Swedish Civil Protection Association, operations leader Stockholm Municipality, +46 (0) 70-324 56 30

Overall coordination Swedish Civil defence League initiatives:
Anders M. Johansson, Swedish Civil Protection Association, General Secretary, + 46 (0) 70-647 60 95


Other questions, help with material, contact information and so on:
Anders J Andersson, Swedish Civil Protection Association, head of information, +46 (0) 70-540 15 65


The Swedish Civil Protection Association

The Swedish Civil Protection Association is a non-profit, voluntary organisation that works to protect and aid adults and children both on a daily basis and during emergencies. We exist to educate, inform and provide help. The League was founded in 1937 and has around 23,000 members throughout Sweden. We assist authorities and individuals to achieve a more secure daily environment. Through such projects as ‘Heart to help’, the Swedish Civil Protection Association has contributed to having over 700 heart resuscitators (AED) sited across Sweden. Since December 2009, the Swedish Civil Protection Association has partnered with the Swedish Heart Resuscitation Council, HLR, to implement the ‘Swedish Heart Resuscitation Register.”



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